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Find Your Voice with Hannah Moss

Find Your Voice (BETA version)

As a copywriter, small business owners would come to me and ask me to write them a few blogs. They’d heard it was good for the online visibility of their business, which of course it is.

I’d say “Sure! What do you want to write about?” 

Some would hand me a list of topics that left me scratching my head wondering what they were trying to achieve. 

The others would ask me what I thought they should write about. And I loved that, because it meant I got to help them work the process and we’d figure it out together. And usually I managed to get the others with their list to join me in the exercise too.

Because blogging, like any writing, can be very powerful in helping us achieve an outcome. But if we don’t know where we want to go, then we won’t go anywhere fast!

As well as businesses who need blogging, I’ve connected with many bloggers (or wannabe bloggers) who want to use their writing to build a business, or make a make a positive change in their world. What I’ve realised is that the same process applies. Anyone can use the power of words to achieve their goals, and Find Your Voice is my process for helping you to set your direction. 


This four week, hands-on writing program commences on the 20th of January. Every Monday at 12:30pm, I’ll host an interactive training session via Zoom (approximately 40mins), and then you’ll go away and put into practice what you’ve learned.For the full length of the program you’ll have access to me and an intimate group of writers (in a private Facebook group) who can’t wait to share they’re learning, and support you through the journey.


The weekly schedule looks like this:

Week One – Find Your Power

We’ll dive deep into the power of words and your power to use them. We’ll explore the different types of stories and fascinating effects of stories on human emotion, and you’ll start writing your own.


Week Two – Find Your Purpose

In the second week you’ll start to figure out what you should be writing about, and why. You’ll begin to formulate your strategy, and brainstorm the topics you’ll write about. We’ll also look at how you might sustain your writing (yep, we’re talking monetisation!)


Week Three – Find Your People

To write interesting and useful articles, we need to know our audience – so this is where we get to know your ideal reader. We’ll get inside their head, so we know what they want to read about, and then we’ll figure out how to find them.


Week Four – Build Your Plan

This is where we put it all together into a solid, tangible plan that will have you publishing powerful and entertaining articles in no time.


Course requirements

You will need an internet connection, a device with a keyboard and the free Zoom app to participate in the program.

There are no prerequisites, and a website is not required. 


Ready to find your voice?